Small Sweet Step Baby Beanie

Small Sweet Step Baby Beanie

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A beanie to keep your baby moving!

Put this beanie on your baby anytime you want them to:

  • Remember how truly capable they are.
  • Face that obstacle they've been worrying about.
  • Finally do that thing they're really meant to do.
  • Inspire the babies and grown-ups around them to keep on moving forward!

Empower your baby while they are young and impressionable! 

Subliminally fill your baby's head with all kinds of dangerous ideas, like living a life of purpose and going for your dreams even when you want to give up! 

Quality or crap? 

You are in luck! This is quality. If you’re going to support independent music by buying this, it might as well be great. 

  • Soft, comfy, and warm
  • Machine washable jersey-knit polyester
  • Made in the USA


  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, with no bleach additives.
  • These need to be washed separately and fabric softener should not be used.
  • They grow up fast. Cherish this time. :-)

Production time: 4 business days (before shipping)

Before the beanie, there was... the song!  

About the artwork

This beautiful artwork was created by the incredibly talented Jake McBride at Animind Studio, after he made the song’s official animated lyric video. We wanted to create something simple, iconic, uplifting, motivating, and inspiring.

Here’s Jake’s Artist Statement:

As an animator who specialises in music videos, it’s integral that the music inspires me. Bridging the gap between sound and visuals is where I have found my greatest sense of fulfilment; and this project reminded me of that.

With a roster of songs from his heart, I’ve felt compelled to create work reflective of Zo’s goals and my own. A strong working relationship, illustrating the merits of collaboration, has helped us in creating videos and designs we shall cherish for life.

Check out Jake on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

About the song

“Small Sweet Step” is a song to keep you moving — especially when you really want to give up.

The chorus came to me on an early morning run. I’d woken up in a bad mood. I thought a run would help. It didn’t. I was on my way home, but still further to go. I was exhausted and cranky, and I just needed something, anything, to keep me going.

That’s when I remembered this beautiful phrase from my teacher and mentor, Maria Nemeth (check out our work together through the Academy for Coaching Excellence).

Maria uses these three simple words as a way to remind us how all great things are accomplished: Small actions, taken over time, with a quality of ease.

Ease isn’t about not working hard — it’s about working hard, but focusing on what’s in front of you, taking one step at a time, celebrating as you go.

It reminds me of being a teenager, working with my dad, painting houses. When I got to that first exterior job, I remember looking up at this massive house and feeling completely overwhelmed. How could we possibly do this? My dad answered: “Pick one side of the house. Set up your ladder on the very end of that side, so you can reach the top. Paint the top row as much as you can reach. Then the next row down. Then the next. Then move the ladder and do it again.”

This is how all great things get accomplished. And we all need a reminder of it sometimes.

I hope this song inspires you to remember how truly capable you really are… to face that obstacle you’ve been worrying about… or to finally do that thing you’re really meant to do.

And I hope this song inspires all of us to keep moving forward together, to build the world we want to see.